Wednesday, February 21, 2007


The Dry-Cleaning Ufologist

The editors of Magonia are fond of looking through copies of old UFO magazines in search of items which are interesting or amusing (usually unintentionally), or both. We recently came across this delightful account of an informal meeting of ufologists in the BUFORA Journal and Bulletin, Vol. 1, No. 3, Winter 1964:

On January 29th, at Mrs. Lloyd's home, Mr. Creighton, Mrs. Lloyd, Mr. Oliver and myself had pleasure in meeting Mr. Joel Rhenstrom (whose address is Oitti, Finland). Mr. Rhenstrom is Information Secretary of INTERPLANETISTITRIY, which has about 50 members and is the only Finnish U.F.O. society. He was visiting London to study our dry-cleaning methods as he has his own business in Finland.

We learnt that "Lentava Lautanen" is Finnish for "Flying Saucer". Mr. Rhenstrom has published a few American saucer books in Finnish (bearing the cost out of his own pocket) and very kindly donated a book to our Library entitled "Olen Ollut Lentavalla Lautasella", which translates as "Inside the Spaceships" (by Adamski).

Swedish is the Finns' 'second' language and Mr. Rhenstrom remarked that on about January 20th this year, a Swedish evening paper published details of the Russian cave painting of a "Martian spaceman". It would seem that the Russians are preparing for the day when they can announce the reality of flying saucers. Our guest has tried to interest the air defence authorities in flying saucers, without apparent success. However, Mr. Creighton remarked that these authorities the world over are keenly interested in UFOs and probably know more than they let it be known.

We were told of a contactee story about a gardener, Mr. Valkeinen, who was fishing at a lonely lake in Finland in 1952, when an Adamski type saucer landed by the lakeside. The man was irresistibly drawn towards the UFO, which he entered, and met three short mongolian featured, yellow skinned men with large heads and short spindly legs. He conversed with them (telepathically?) in Finnish and was taken for a ride round the world, stopping at Lake Titicaca in Southern Peru. He apparently gained considerable knowledge of the world's history from his hosts, which he would have been unlikely to know about otherwise.

Our conversation covered trolls and other gnome-like creatures, and it was agreed that some of these creatures might well be UFO entities. Mr. Creighton has made a special point of meeting people claiming to have seen "little people" and feels that these often tie up with contactee reports.

B.U.F.O.R.A. wishes Mr. Rhenstrom and Interplanetistitriy every success with their activities. Last year we welcomed Miss Lou Zinnstag of Basle, Switzerland, and Mr. Rex Stanford of the U.S.A., and will be pleased to meet other overseas UFO researchers visiting London.

Lionel Beer - Publicity Officer

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