Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Magonia Supplement No. 61

In the latest issue of Magonia Supplement Martin Kottmeyer investigates the "collective shame" theory of UFO flaps, arguing that there is some evidence that the hurricane Katrina debacle was associated with a significant increase in UFO reports in the USA.

John Harney argues that the fondness of "serious ufologists" for the ETH ensures that the subject will never be taken seriously by mainstream science.

Peter Rogerson reviews Jerome Clark's The Unidentified and Loren Coleman's Creatures of the Outer Edge, now republished under one cover, and there are Notes and News from Nigel Watson.

The HTML edition is now available here.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Don't Miss Your Chance to Win £100

This is a reminder that the closing date for the Roger Sandell Memorial Essay Competition is 1 June. If you have any ideas about the set subjects, just write us an essay and you get the chance to win £100. There is no entrance fee. The details are here.

Sunday, May 07, 2006


Chilean UFO Magazine to Close

The Chilean UFO magazine La Nave de los Locos is to cease publication with a special issue in September. It began in April 2000, and the editors are proud of having produced "more than 1500 pages of the best ufology published in Spanish". They have specialised in in-depth analyses of UFO reports and exposés of dishonest ufologists. Editor Diego Zúñiga writes that "... we have wiped the floor with some swindlers and sellers of illusions".

The La Nave de los Locos web site is to be maintained and updated, and the editors will contribute articles to magazines and other media. If you are interested and can read Spanish you can find further details here.

Monday, May 01, 2006


More on UFOs as Folklore

On reading my recent posting on UFOs as modern folklore, excitable ufologist Stuart Miller, instead of attaching a comment to it, posted it to UFO UpDates, adding his own somewhat hyperbolic comments. This produced the expected hysterical response, which fully confirms the truth of my comments in my previous posting.

When Christopher Allan sent a posting generally supporting my approach to the subject, he was challenged by Don Ledger to explain a UFO report which was an Airmiss report from an aircraft near Manchester Airport in January 1995. I wrote in pointing out that this had been explained years ago by Jenny Randles as a meteor. This was not acceptable to Ledger, who wrote: "It doesn't really matter what Jenny says She's no expert in this area. She really should stay out of air cases." Some people don't want explanations; they will accept nothing less than the space aliens and their saucers.

Many thanks to those of you who added your comments on this topic.

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