Monday, May 01, 2006


More on UFOs as Folklore

On reading my recent posting on UFOs as modern folklore, excitable ufologist Stuart Miller, instead of attaching a comment to it, posted it to UFO UpDates, adding his own somewhat hyperbolic comments. This produced the expected hysterical response, which fully confirms the truth of my comments in my previous posting.

When Christopher Allan sent a posting generally supporting my approach to the subject, he was challenged by Don Ledger to explain a UFO report which was an Airmiss report from an aircraft near Manchester Airport in January 1995. I wrote in pointing out that this had been explained years ago by Jenny Randles as a meteor. This was not acceptable to Ledger, who wrote: "It doesn't really matter what Jenny says She's no expert in this area. She really should stay out of air cases." Some people don't want explanations; they will accept nothing less than the space aliens and their saucers.

Many thanks to those of you who added your comments on this topic.

Some people don't want explanations; they will accept nothing less than... ...even the most forced of prosaics or "safest of sciences" and so eschew the oldest books, the deepest oceans, the widest expanses of space, time, and surface area extant, realities _begging_ brave examination as all the graph-lines measured by their less than sentient science go vertical into hyperspace.

As Paul Kimball recently wrote... "...time to move on into the 21st Century." The aforementioned graph-lines do seem to suggest a concrescence of 'singularity' quickly approaching...

It compels more attention, I suspect, than an irrelevant and outmoded status quo one clings to in soul destroying fearfulness.

...Be brave and great forces come to your aid, Sir.
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Once you publish a blog, it's in the public domain. There isn't really any point in writing one of these things if you'd prefer it be kept semi-private.

And I'm not "excitable". I'm hysterical.
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