Friday, April 07, 2006


UFO "Documentaries" and "Serious Ufologists"

The "Serious Ufologists" are at it again on UFO UpDates, complaining about being made to look like fools in TV "documentaries". Of course, it might help if they refrained from their inane speculations about government secrecy and ET spacecraft, and publishing such stuff on websites and in UFO journals, and at those crazy conferences.

Surely they realise that so-called documentaries about UFOs or other "fringe" topics are produced in order to provide popular entertainment, rather than setting out the facts? Anyway, on those few occasions when serious documentaries are produced, they are met with a barrage of protests by ETH believers among ufologists and the general public. This is what happened when a BBC radio programme set out the findings of David Clarke and Andy Roberts concerning Rendlesham and the Berwyn Mountain cases. The Berwyn case was explained to the general satisfaction of most sane people, but few such people are much interested in UFO stories. The reaction of listeners was somewhat unfavourable because they hadn't been told what they wanted to hear.

So, let the "Serious Ufologists" produce their own documentaries, record them on DVDs, or make them available for downloading, at reasonable prices. However, if they can't get together convincing evidence for the reality (i.e. the ETH explanation) of UFOs, then they can't reasonably expect the producers of TV documentaries to do so.

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