Thursday, March 30, 2006



BUFORA has stopped publishing its journal, ceased giving public lectures (more devoted to entertainment than information), and yesterday I learned that it has started publishing a series of articles on its web site by none other than Alfred Lehmburg, whose incoherent ramblings and ferocious attacks on the even mildly sceptical can be found on UFO UpDates, and numerous other mailing lists and blogs. What next?

Bufora is still very active and just as busy as it was before the paper magazine ceased. It is still posting research articles, cataloguing and liasing with witnesses and their reports as ususual. There are now an ever growing banks of research article and cases on the website.
Researchers and all specialist directors are in regular media communication and new investigators are being trained regularly.
There are rumours that circulate from time to time, but they often are dervied from not seeing a periodical magazine based on exact monthly or bi-monthly release dates of news.
Ignore all negative rumours, they are all untrue.
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