Saturday, March 10, 2007


Magonia Supplement

Magonia Supplement has not been published since August last year. This is because of a shortage of suitable material and my recent house move.

I am now working on the latest issue, which is to include my review of the January 2007 issue of International UFO Reporter (Vol. 31 No. 1). This is because it is such an old-fashioned, nuts-and-bolts ETH publication, full of dozy speculations about alien visitors, and rehashes of old UFO reports, even those which have long since been explained, so there is plenty of scope for critial comment. Most of the material it publishes would certainly never get into the pages of Magonia or Magonia Supplement.

The main article is about the Big Sur (California) incident of September 1964 (even the precise date was not recorded by the witnesses), in which it is alleged that a UFO was observed and filmed circling a ballistic missile which was being tested, causing it to crash to earth prematurely. Opinions differ as to what really happened, but of course author Robert Hastings goes for the ETH interpretation. It is no doubt more popular with his audiences on his lecture tours.

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