Monday, October 03, 2011


Stopping Cars

Much was made of 'car stop' cases related to UFO cases years ago. John Keel
in Operation Trojan Horse (p63) notes that the alleged magnetic fields surrounding
UFOs would not be a plausible means of stopping cars. However, a new device
has recently appeared, that will put a glow on the face of any nuts and bolts

"Research and development company Eureka Aerospace has built a High-Power Electromagnetic System (MPEMS) that uses a compact power source and an antenna to beam microwave energy into the direction of a specific target, for example a moving vehicle, to bring it to a halt by disabling the ignition system. They have also developed a high-resolution imaging system that can detect objects behind walls using radar."

Obviously, the aliens were using them years ago, no doubt this device
was reverse-engineered to boot.

Now it seems to me that you are getting just a bit too close to a certain nuclear physicist's way of thinking.
Ford Motors had a crack at stopping engines using electro-magnets in the 60s and couldn't do it.

This has been used by some to argue that 'vehicle interference' cases didn't happen. Maybe they didn't? I wasn't there and couldn't really say either way.

Altogether, the various experiments certainly appear to rule out EM effects, but isn't that all they do?

If the incidents happened, as described, it suggests that the assumptions of EM interference were mistaken.
No, no, no, noooooooooooo......
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