Thursday, October 26, 2006


Beware of The Pelican

On Tuesday (24 October) a pelican caused a sensation in St James's Park, London, by scooping up a pigeon in its bill and eventually swallowing it. Ornithologists expressed amazement, saying they had never heard of pelicans consuming birds.

Magonia has a formidable bird of this type, known simply as The Pelican.

The Pelican does not eat pigeons (unless properly prepared and cooked) but does eat True Believer ufologists, together with some of the barmier sceptics who come to believe that almost all UFO incidents have the same explanation, e.g., mirages, meteors, electrical phenomena, etc.

However, The Pelican does not make unjustified attacks on his victims. As Chilean ufologist Diego Zúñiga once so rightly remarked: "El Pelícano es fuerte en sus apreciaciones, pero muy razonable." The Pelican proudly adopted this as his motto.

"However, The Pelican does not make unjustified attacks on his victims."

I suspect The Pelican finds his victims often hold quite different opinions on his justifications. Har. Keep up the great work. Best writing on 'Ufology' anywhere. Well, on Earth anyway.
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