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SUNlite - a voice of sanity in ufology

Tim Printy's UFO magazine SUNlite, is named in honour of the late, lamented, kindly old Uncle Phil and his Skeptics UFO Newsletter. The latest issue is Volume 3, Number 3, May-June 2011. The magazine is in pdf format, so you can easily print a copy (if you can afford the ink).

There is an interesting article by Martin Kottmeyer, whose name will be familiar to readers of Magonia and Magonia Supplement, concerning the notion that the US government uses Hollywood to educate the public gradually about the reality of aliens, which believers in it call "The Acclimation Program". He discusses a recent book by Len Kasten (Secret History of Extraterrestrials, 2010) and concludes:

"You think Hollywood cares about educating people about ufos? Get serious.

"And who should we fairly blame for ufology not being taken seriously? Studying the rest of Kasten's book will give you a good starting point for that problem."

Another interesting article, by Tim Printy, is devoted to examining the claims of Robert Hastings, who is notorious for his stories about US missile bases being constantly interfered with and put out of action by UFOs. Of course, there is no independent confirmation of his assertions and Printy concludes: "If he is going to present unverifiable evidence he is preaching to the choir. Of course, it is the "choir" that lines his pockets and begs for him to speak at their UFO conferences."

There's lots of other good stuff in SUNlite. Highly recommended.

13 December 2014


I have a legally "UNCLASSIFIED" copy of both the BRIEFING DOCUMENT: OPERATION MAJESTIC 12, and PROJECT SNOWBIRD document, which are an integral part of a Defense Investigative Service (DIS)file number 89311-DK1-3408-1W9, that was created by the DIS because I had used the designator F-117 in association of its nickname SENIOR TREND. I will send a copy of this file to anyone who makes an email request for same to let them examine it, as well as my requests to the DIS, the Aerojet ElectroSystems Security Department, the FBI, and the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) for these document's' authenticity -!!!

Thank you -

Lee M. Graham

526 W. Maple
Monrovia, CA 91016
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