Sunday, November 06, 2011


The continuing Roswell obsession

I remember once hearing Mark Pilkington giving his impression of American ufology as: "Roswell, Roswell, Roswell, Roswell . . ." How true, I thought, how very true. And I still think so; there is no escape. Here are two examples of American ufology's continuing Roswell obsession.

Kevin Randle has a posting on his blog A Different Perspective, October 31, titled "Roswell Investigation Dream Team". You will note that this team consists of Kevin Randle, Tom Carey and Don Schmitt. If you don't know why I consider these people to be an unlikely trio to discover the Utimate Truth about Roswell, then see my review of Carey and Schmitt's book Witness to Roswell and the article about Randle and Schmitt in The Roswell Files website.

There are comments about "The Dream Team" in the 1 November posting in The UFO Iconoclast(s) blog,
which also includes amazing news of Anthony Bragalia having discovered "some revelatory and truly significant material" which is "not trivial and opens cans of worms . . . "

Two predictions from me:

There is all that hardware (i.e. wreckage) stashed somewhere. There are those bodies still held in deep freeze by faceless officials in the USAF. Finally there is a veritable mountain of documentation, stored in 'above top secret' cabinets.

This is what the 'dream team' expect to find. And by Jove they will find it!
Chris Rutkowski, Canada's sensible ufologist, was recently added. Randle will get along with him but I expect the others won't. But maybe that's the point: Mr. Rutkowski's reputation isn't tied to Roswell so perhaps he will be the "honest broker" between the parties. I wish him luck.
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